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At Online Courses Australia (OCA) we offer a wide range of Training Courses including Short Courses necessary to qualify you for your dream job or career. Home Study via our fully supported Online Education syllabus is a proven method of completing nationally recognised accredited courses across a broad spectrum of industries. Our unique user friendly online interactive system provides a comfortable learning environment designed to deliver the best results for all levels of competency.

Course Deals

Course Deals

Many job seekers pursue the business world to find satisfying career opportunities, competitive salaries and perks, but a career in business is hard to come by without some form of qualifications. An OCA business qualification can open up doors across a wide range of industries and professions.
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Aged Care Courses

Aged Care Courses

Pursue a fulfilling career in the community services industry... Our courses are ideal for those who want to formalise their existing community work skills and those who wish to work in aged care facilities and care for the elderly.
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Image of Agriculture and Horticulture Online Courses

Agriculture & Horticulture

Agriculture & Horticulture are very diverse fields involving careers in farming, agriculture, equine studies, animal management, and alternative farming, to name a few. Online Courses Australia provides an extensive selection of courses and programmes to help you take advantage of the many career options available to you in agriculture.
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Animal Health & Pet Care Image

Animal Health & Pet Care

If you love animals, why not make it your career. Online Courses Australia offers specialist animal courses from Zoo Keeping and Pet Care to courses on horses and cattle. The field of animal studies can offer many diverse career options including owning your very own animal care business. Our courses have been designed to offer complete flexibility to suit your lifestyle, and our affordable payment plans will help you get started today.
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Image of Aviation Courses by Online Courses Australia

Aviation Courses

OCA's Aviation courses prepare graduates for many exciting employment opportunities within the emerging aviation sector. Courses on offer range from those suiting entry-level cabin crew to the skills required of baggage, security, management and ground operations staff.
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Business & Financial Courses Image

Business & Financial

Many job seekers pursue the business world to find satisfying career opportunities, competitive salaries and perks, but a career in business is hard to come by without some form of qualification. An OCA business qualification can open up doors across a wide range of industries and professions.
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Cooking & Culinary Courses

Cooking & Culinary Courses

Learn to cook beautiful restaurant dishes in your own kitchen at your own pace at a very affordable price! Online Courses Australia is now offering online cooking courses for cooks of all levels using intuitive learning technology. Courses can be taken on demand, at your own pace.
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Image of Construction and Engineering Courses Online Australia

Construction & Engineering

Do you like the idea of making or designing the desk rather than sitting behind it? Construction is one of the biggest and most exciting growth industries in Australia and building and construction job opportunities are varied and plentiful. Kick start your career in construction with an OCA short or nationally accredited course.
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Education & Teachers Aide Courses

Education Courses Online

Qualifications offered by Online Courses Australia in the field of education cover workers in a range of educational settings, including public and independent schools, community educational settings and roles that provide assistance and support to teachers and students under broad-based supervision.
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Image of Fitness Courses, Personal Training and Massage Courses Online Australia

Fitness & Massage Courses

Why settle for an ordinary job? Choose an extraordinary fitness career, get paid for doing something you love, and keep fit all at the same time. You may think that you have to sit in a classroom for weeks to become a qualified personal trainer or gym instructor - not anymore. OCA is now offering the very best in online fitness courses, from nationally accredited qualifications to short fitness courses that build your knowledge on topics such as nutrition and personal training.
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Image of Government Courses Online Australia


Online Courses Australia (OCA) are proud to one of the few Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in Australia to deliver, assess and award Government qualifications in specialist government and public service areas.
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Health & Nutrition Courses

Health & Nutrition Courses

With people becoming more aware of what they are putting in their bodies, positions in the Health and Nutrition industry are in high demand. Our courses in Health and Nutrition include sports nutrition, child nutrition and more. If you care about human health and would like to start a career in Nutrition OCA can help you get started on the right path.
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Hospitality & Tourism

Events, Hospitality & Tourism

A career in hospitality or tourism can open you up to a range of different career opportunities. Successful students of OCA hospitality courses have found employment across several industries, including food and beverage, hotel and gaming, travel consultancy, events and functions, front office, housekeeping and reservations, to name a few.
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Image of Human Resources Courses by Online Courses Australia

Human Resources Courses

Human resources are the people that staff and operate an organisation. Almost all businesses require a human resources department, leading to tens of thousands of jobs.
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IT & Software Courses

IT & Software Courses

Looking to secure an exciting, dynamic job? Have you considered IT? IT and computer courses can lead to exciting careers working with organisations to design, develop and implement IT solutions, which improve business efficiency and productivity...
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Lifestyle Courses

Lifestyle Courses

Channel your creative genius and indulge in your passion with an Online Courses Australia Lifestyle Course. Is there something you love to do, but you need to brush up on your skills? Are you looking for a little stress relief? Build new skills, indulge in your passion or develop a career out of something you love to do creatively with an OCA online lifestyle course that you can carry out from home, in your lunch break and at your own pace.
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Online Marketing Courses

Online Marketing & Social Media

Are you confused about where or how to get started online? Do you feel that there is too much information out there? Is it hard for you to justify the costs involved in some internet marketing courses? Maybe you have a website, but you're finding it hard to build traffic? OCA's industry leading online marketing courses will give you everything you need to succeed.
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Digital Photography Courses

Photography Courses

In OCA's home study photography online courses, you'll learn everything you need to know for a successful career in photography. Taught by real business people, each course has been created in an easy to follow step by step process to make your learning experience as easy as possible. Choose from five different photography courses, from Photoshop Techniques for SLR Photography to Starting Your Own Photography Business.
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Psychology & Counselling

Psychology & Counselling

Are you fascinated by the human mind? Would you like to know what factors influence and guide human behaviour and attitudes? Becoming a psychologist or counsellor can be a very rewarding career move as they both are a much-valued part of today's society.
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Science & Environment Courses

Science & Environment

Online Courses Australia's science and environmental courses can open up new opportunities for you sooner, whether you're starting a new career, up-skilling, re-skilling, starting your own business or looking for a pathway to university.
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Security Courses

Security Courses

Security professionals are in high-demand across Australia and the world. Organisations in the exciting and growing industries of security, safety and risk management work with law enforcement agencies to ensure the safekeeping and protection of people and property. With security personnel in demand as a precaution in situations ranging from teenage coming of age parties to large-scale international sporting and Government forums, there is no doubt the security industry is one of the fastest growing in the world.
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Short Courses

Short Courses

Is there that certain something you’ve always wanted to try? A short course is the perfect way to pursue a personal interest or learn something “just for fun”. You may wish to build upon existing skills, or you may be studying simply because you love to learn. Online Courses Australia can offer you dozens of short courses across several different industries.
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Training and Assessment Courses

Training and Assessment Courses

Are you a born leader? Does it make more sense to be teaching a unit rather than sitting behind a desk and learning it? OCA provides training and assessment courses to help qualified trainers brush up on their skills or move into a new modality, and inexperienced trainers enter into the burgeoning industry of training and assessment. OCA training and assessment courses are interactive and comprehensive online learning packages that can be completed at your own pace.
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Wedding Planning Courses

Wedding Planning Courses

Our Wedding Planner courses will impart you with all the skills and tricks required to succeed in the wedding planning industry. Each course has been designed by professionals and experts from the wedding planning industry, with real experience. These aren't just text book courses, you will get a true insider's viewpoint of what a wedding planner needs to do. Not only are these courses exclusive to Online Courses Australia, they are the most affordable and interactive in the education industry. What are you waiting for? Start the career of your dreams today.
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Writing & Journalism

Writing & Journalism

Have you always dreamt of one day being a writer … at least in your spare time? Do you have a book inside you that's been trying to bust out … but you don't know how? Do you simply want to express the creativity that's been bubbling away inside you for all these years? Completing an OCA qualification or short course can open many doors in this industry.
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