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If you like organising and planning events and would like to discover how you can utilise your natural gifts to kick start a future career, consider enrolling in our entry level Event Management course today. What are you waiting for?

"Being that Online Courses AUS is a completely online campus, I looked for every reason not to do my course through them. I looked at every AAA professional provider and the people teaching the courses. In the end, of all the providers, I went with the one I least expected to. The service is beyond what any big brand campus gives you, and everything is set out so well. Huge ups to OCA for completely turning me around! I would recommend studying through them to anyone who wants a real advantage. Thank you!" - Jaqui

It takes more than natural skills and a love for organising parties, weddings, events, festivals, gallery openings, exhibitions and the likes to make your mark in this dynamic industry.

For starters you’ll need to learn:

  • What is required to organise and manage a variety of different types of events
  • How to initiate and plan events of all kinds and sizes
  • The logistical requirements for various events
  • How to organise and control the catering
  • How to develop a marketing plan for an event
  • What a financial plan looks like for an event and how to create it
  • How to manage risks to avoid costs or legal implications
  • And more

Secure the event management skills and expertise you need to prepare for the challenges of this exciting sector. Enrol today and get started straight away.

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Industry Recognised
Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an OCA Certificate of Achievement in Event Management Certificate.

Career Pathways

  • Event Manager
  • Wedding Planner
  • Event Coordinator
  • Tour Guide
  • Business Owner
  • Hotel Manager
  • Party Planner

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Sample extract from our Event Management course.

This event management course is designed to provide an understanding of what it takes to plan and manage an event to meet expectations and achieve agreed outcomes.

As you progress, you will learn what is required to organise and manage a variety of different types of events, how to initiate and plan events of all kinds and sizes, the logistical requirements for various events, how to develop an event marketing and financial plan, and the skills to manage risks to avoid costs or legal implications

You will learn how to assess information on event management industry operations and the elements of managing and event including selecting venues and sites, organising event infrastructure, organising and controlling catering, and how to obtain and manage event sponsorship.

You will understand how to keep the event on track and within budget, the skills for effective stakeholder management, and how to enhance business relationships to achieve your goals.

Manage Event Staging Components

This topic describes the skills and knowledge required to analyse event staging requirements and organise and monitor different staging services and products.

As you progress through this topic you will learn how to use advanced planning, organisation and communication skills combined with a detailed knowledge of the event management process and broad understanding of specialist component services. You will learn how to conduct negotiations and manage relationships with staging contractors, develop contractor specifications, interpret complex event docmentation and analyse event requirements about appropriate staging options.

In addition you will understand the contractor management process and your responsibilities in this process such as evaluating event budgets, developing formal communication plans, managing an event operations team and monitoring progress and developing responses to potentially complex operational problems to meet event goals and objectives.

You will learn how to:

  • Analyse staging requirements
  • Source and organise staging contractors
  • Monitor staging preparations
  • Evaluate staging components

Obtain and Manage Sponsorship

This topic describes the skills and knowledge required to obtain and manage sponsorship for a business activity, product, service or event. It requires the ability to determine sponsorship requirements, source and negotiate with potential sponsors and manage sponsorship arrangements.

As you progress through this topic you will learn how to identify potential sponsors and determine their requirements, how to develop clear concise and professional proposals including cost benefit analysis. You will learn how to communicate, negotiate and follow up with sponsors to facilitate future cooperative approaches and involvement.

In addition you will learn how to distribute and present sponsorship materials and follow up promotion activities and how to monitor and evaluate activities and make required adjustments to enhance value.

Although this course does not equate to a formal qualification you will learn how to:

  • Determine sponsorship requirements and opportunities
  • Source sponsorship
  • Service sponsors

Assess Information on Event Industry Operations

This topic describes the skills and knowledge required to access and interpret current and emerging information on event industry operations. This includes industry structure, technology, laws and ethical issues specifically relevant to event coordination. Event personnel integrate this essential knowledge on a daily basis to work effectively in the industry.

As you progress through this topic you will learn how to source event industry information and use this in day-to-day activities to maximise effective performance and understand the event industry, including main roles, functions and interrelationships of sectors and the basic aspects of key laws and ethical issues specifically relevant to the industry.

You will learn how to

  • Access and interpret relevant industry information
  • Source information on event industry practice, products and services
  • Source and use compliance information in daily activities
  • Access and use information on events technology
  • Update personal and organisational knowledge of the event industry

If you would like to preview this event management course in more detail or find out how it can help you secure travel jobs, click on DEMO above or call our team on 1300 611 404. You may also be interested in these similar courses from Online Courses AUS.


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